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Qbest Inspection Service Ltd.

HK: 21/F£¬Prosper Commercial Building 9,

Yin Chong Street, Kowloon, HK

Dongguan office  : 4/F,Junda Mansion,Hengli,


Chris Xu


Mail: chris.xu@qbest-cn.com

Lucia Lu



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QBEST Inspection Service Ltd. was established in 2008 in Hongkong. With increasing development and business expanding over the past years, today QBEST grows up as one of the leading inspection service organizations specializing in inspection and audit services .

Products we inspect

Electrical & Electronic,

Home Appliances,Light & Lighting,Electrical Tools,Electrical Vehicles
Telephone & ... [MORE]

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1.Factory Audit
2.Pre-production Inspection
3.In-process inspection
4.Pre-shipment Inspection
5. Container Loading Inspection
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