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4.Pre-shipment Inspection


If you only want one time inspection, Pre-shipment Inspection is the best choice. Sometimes a manufacturer’s quality level substantially drops from the initial, agreed-upon benchmark. This may be due to a difference in the manufacturer’s view of what is an acceptable deviation from that benchmark, a blatant rushing of production, or an unapproved change in materials or processes. A final inspection will ensure that a shipment will have no notable quality problems.

With QBEST representing your company, we will perform a Pre-shipment Inspection (also sometimes referred to as Final Random Inspection) at the factory. We use AQL sampling and statistical analysis to evaluate the lot to your standard of acceptability. We will document all non-conformities with pictures and a full statistical report, which will promptly be available on the Internet for your convenient and private use. Our report will help insure that when your container arrives there will not be any bad surprises.

Please note: Addressing quality problems only at the Pre-shipment stage, in some cases, may cause a shipment delay due to failing the set quality level. If you are working with a deadline, then it is strongly advisable to include a Pre-production and/or an In-process Inspection(s). Also, remember that it is best to specify the terms of the inspection, and what happens if the final inspection fails in the Purchase Order. If you do not include these terms, you may have difficulty in remedying the problem if the shipment does not meet your standards.

QBEST Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for mandatory approvals
Act as clients?representatives for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing quality and progress expediting

Audit the in-process production records and quality control documents.
Verify raw material certificate and Certificate of Origin
Audit product test reports and pre-factory inspection reports
Verify product quantity, accessories
Evaluate product for function, appearance, dimension, and performance per your requirement or use AQL sampling techniques
Record the defects and deviation with standards and purchase orders
Use MIL-STD-105E sampling techniques to obtain a proper representation of your order
Inspect the merchandise to your company’s approved drawings, prototype, samples, specifications purchase orders or letters of credit
Inspect product markings, name plates, and packaging labeling
Verify the packing lists and packing quantity


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