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2.Pre-production Inspection

The third party inspection can evaluate the suppliers manufactory capacity and quality through pre-production inspection of the samples to avoid unnecessary lose for the clients if they are not familiar with the supplier.

In China, QBEST has a team of qualified and experienced professional inspectors and engineers who are proficient in both national and international standards in welding, fabrication, mechanism, material and design, providing strong technical support and efficient services. The third party pre-production is to be conducted at the beginning of production or even before manufacturing is underway through review samples to ensure conformance to clientsspecifications and requirements, find existent and potential problems before mass production to decrease the clientsrisk.

QBEST Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for mandatory approvals

Act as clients's representatives for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing quality and progress expediting

Audit the factory for preparedness
Audit the factory for capability
Audit the factory's Quality Assurance/Quality Control system
Audit factory production line plans
Inspect any first articles or samples
Inspect all materials for quality and quantity
Assure that necessary equipment and machinery is ready and working and if required properly calibrated
A quick response report will be sent so that any and all non-conformity and production problems can be addressed and appropriate remedies or concessions can be made.

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