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1.Factory Audit


Before placing an order with a factory it is advisable to perform a factory audit to answer such questions as: Is there a factory? Where is the factory located? What is factory production capacity? What is the capability of the workforce? Can it handle the quantities required? Do they have a Quality Control/Assurance Plan? If you think that any of those questions were irrelevant, you might be surprised!

In China, QBEST has staffs who are proficient in ISO quality system and qualified internal and external audits. It can offer professional and effective third party inspection to the international clients to meet the following purposes: to verify the comprehensive capacity of enterprises, such as production capacity, manufacturing process, technical capacity, quality management system and export experience etc; minimize production risks; assure the quality; provide all expected information of manufacturer; help you complete the risk management so that your business could achieve the maximum profits.

QBEST Inspection Service

Act as third party inspection agency for mandatory approvals
Act as clients¡¯ representatives for inspection and surveillance of manufacturing quality and progress expediting

• Review the factory´s qualification and certificates
• Review the product and staff¡¯s qualification and certificates
• Survey the factory (such as area of workshop, facilities, cleanliness¡­)
• Assess the capability of factory machinery (type, quantity, condition, maintenance records¡­)  
• Assess factory personnel (How many workers, workers assigned to your production process, worker skill level, management)
• Assess the production capacity of the manufacturer (product, variety, specification, material, reference standard.)
• Check previous production records and capabilities
• Inspect raw materials
• During-production inspection
• ISO9000 Document
• Quality management system, assess quality plan and records, ISO 9000 documentation
• Taking pictures of every aspect so you get the ¡°feel¡± of the factory
• A quick response report will be sent to you within 24 hours 

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